Crosses of Lafayette, California


Everytime I drove past this place which was across the Bart station in Lafayette, California I was curious as to what it was. A big hill with thousands of crosses along with a sign that indicated a number at the top as you can see in the picture. I did some research and come to find out its called #hillofcrosses or Crosses of Lafayette. A memorial for all the men and women that have been killed in #iraq during the #iraqifreedom #war so it meant a little more than any other memorial since I am still serving in the air force. 6981 have lost their lives of the other day. I may not serve on the front line but I have the utmost respect for these soldiers putting their life on the line to protect our country and give us our freedom. If you are in the area I would recommend stopping by and have a moment of silence for the fallen. Murica!

Hello world!

Today i was surfing the internet searching for places to travel to and I stumbled upon an article about a man named  Justin Carmack on a class trip to Mozambique and decided to stay behind with only $400 in his pocket.  He found his passion in traveling and started writing about it.  This motivated me to say "Why the hell not and create a blog about my travels."  Here I am starting my first blog about the journey to venture the little unknown yet beautiful destinations to the heavily popular tourist spots with my handy-dandy GoPro 4 and Sony Xperia Zv3 sharing pictures for your enjoyment.