Bonneville Salt Falts

Roadtrip 2016-7
Roadtrip 2016-7

Hello world, It has been a while since my last post. I have been doing way too much exploring and traveling and not enough writing to tell you about my travels.  I recently just finished a 15 day, 5501-mile road trip across western America, Alberta, and British Columbia with my awesome and beautiful girlfriend Kelle (she started a new Instagram so go check her out and give her a follow) to commemorate our 1 year anniversary.  Last year we road tripped up to Oregon for 6 days so we thought, why the hell not and go bigger this time. That we did indeed.

I will be writing about all the stops we made during our trip and summarize everything in another post in case you would like to take the same road trip as well!

Roadtrip 2016-5
Roadtrip 2016-5

The Bonneville Salt Flats was one of our first stops which is located right off of Interstate 80 between the city of Salt Lake City and Wendover, NV.  It covers a vast amount of area (30,000+ acres). The salt flats formed when Lake Bonneville dried up and as water continued to evaporate, salt deposits remained.  The Bureau of Land Management administers the salt flats which means it's pretty much fair game on what you do on the land. Be sure to follow the designated roads and do not drive over the salt surface when covered by water. Yes, you can drive on it but it can be dangerous and possibly get stuck.

The Bonneville Speedway  is home to here as well. It is an area where it's known for motor sports or land speed records. People have been using this area for motor sports since 1912.  This is a cool unique natural feature to check out if you are driving on I80. Take a short break, head to the rest stop and walk around on it or head to the speedway. You may get a chance to see a world land speed record in the making.

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