How Many Adventures Did You Go On This Year?


At the beginning of the year, I was having a discussion with a good friend of mine, Matt, and he was telling me how he was proud of me going out and exploring the world going on adventures and doing with my dog Joose. Joose is a lab-Sheppard mix and she's a damn sweetheart. I don't know what I would do without her. He told him that this is my new-found passion and decided to set a goal of going on 50 adventures in 2015. I am not sure if he believed me or not. What does adventure mean to me? Adventure means taking a risk, exploration of the unknown, a hazardous or unusual experience, stepping out of my comfort zone with the opportunity during the process to learn more about my surroundings, and finally, a unique business situation. A journey to capture that perfect view that I absolutely crave. If it appeals to me, I may not have been there, but it is on my long bucket list. One day I will conquer it all. What does adventure mean to you?

There is something about an adventure that involves risk or "not knowing" that gives me that adrenaline rush of excitement without knowing what could happen next. Learning on the fly is one of the best ways to overcome challenges you present yourself. For example, trying to descend down a steep cliff with 100' drops into the river (Upper Emerald Pools) with no gear or trail is something that toots my horn and love the challenge. A wise man once said, take the unbeaten path.



Lets start from the beginning of the year and see how many I ended up conquering.

  1. Mount Rose Scenic Overlook, Tahoe, CA
  2. Homestead - Blue Ridge Trail Lake Berryessa, CA
  3. Matt Davis Loop - Stinson Beach CA
  4. Drove across the Golden Gate Bridge, CA
  5. Camp Pendleton  - Del Mar Beach, CA
  6. Lands End Labyrinth - San Francisco, CA
  7. Hidden Garden Steps - San Francisco, CA
  8. Twin Peaks - San Francisco, CA
  9. Alamo Park (Full House) San Francisco, CA
  10. Sutro Baths San Francisco, CA
  11. Alamere Falls, Point Reyes, CA
  12. Burney Falls, Burney, CA
  13. Angel Island, CA
  14. Strawberry canyon fire trail hike, Berkley , CA
  15. Hamilton Pool Reserve, Austin TX
  16. Downtown Austin Texas 6th Street
  17. Japantown, San Francisco, CA
  18. Lover Lane Andy Goldsworthy Wood Line Presidio, San Francisco, CA
  19. Mt. Diablo Summit, Danville, CA
  20. Feather Falls hike, Oroville, CA
  21. San Francisco Zoo, CA
  22. Soma Street Food Truck Court, San Francisco, CA
  23. Cataract Falls, CA
  24. Limantour Beach, CA
  25. Nashville with family, TN
  26. Narrows of the Harpath State Park, TN
  27. Mall of America, MN
  28. Weeman's Chronic Tacos, Los Angeles, CA - Best tacos Ive ever had.
  29. First LA Dodgers baseball game
  30. Beach cruising Hermosa Beach, CA
  31. First LA Angels baseball game
  32. Yankees vs As baseball game
  33. Band Aid Military Softball tournament, Colorado Springs, CO
  34. Wilder Ranch State Park, Santa Cruz, CA
  35. Santa Cruz Boardwalk, CA
  36. Sundial Bridge, Redding, CA
  37. Weed, CA
  38. Hedge Creek Falls, CA
  39. Mossbrae Falls, CA
  40. Crater Lake, OR
  41. McCredie Hot Springs, OR
  42. Oneonta Gorge Falls, OR
  43. Bridal Veil Falls, OR
  44. Multnomah Falls, OR
  45. Portland Japanese Garden, OR
  46. Devils Punch Bowl, OR
  47. Sandreel Dune Buggy Rentals, Oregon Sand Dunes, OR
  48. Thor's Well, OR
  49. Face Rock Scenic View Point, OR
  50. Point Orford Overlook, OR
  51. Prehistoric Gardens, OR
  52. Stout Grove, CA
  53. Trees of Mystery, CA
  54. Patricks Point State Park, CA
  55. Avenue of the Giants, CA
  56. Shine Drive-Thru Tree, CA
  57. Sibley Volcanic Regional Park, CA
  58. Lemkes Lagoon Swimming Hole, CA
  59. Wrote my first Blog Post July 30th
  60. Hills of Crosses,  Lafayette, CA
  61. Upper and Lower Emerald Pools, CA
  62. Las Vegas Fremont Street, NV
  63. Red Rock Canyon State Park, CA
  64. Angels Landing hike Zion NPS, UT
  65. West Rim Trail Zion NPS, UT
  66. Lower Antelope Canyon, AZ
  67. Horseshoe Bend, AZ
  68. Grand Canyon, AZ
  69. Bedrock City, AZ
  70. Historic Route 66 Williams, AZ
  71. Hoover Dam, NV
  72. Calico Ghost Town, CA
  73. Big Sur McWay Falls, CA
  74. Bixby Bridge, CA
  75. Devils Bridge Hike, Sedona, AZ
  76. Chapel of the Holy Cross, AZ
  77. Red Rock Crossing State Park, Cathedral Rock, AZ
  78. Worked with NASA, Yuma, AZ
  79. Donner Pass Summit Tunnel Trail, CA
  80. Lafayette Reservoir Hike, CA
  81. Seven Falls Swimming Hole, Plumas National Forest, CA
  82. Point Reyes Ship Wreck, CA
  83. Point Reyes Lighthouse, CA
  84. Monterey Cypress Tree Tunnel, CA
  85. Nanstein Castle, Germany
  86. Eltz Castle, Germany
  87. Cochem Castle. Germany
  88. Calmont Klettersteig Horseshoe Bend, Germany
  89. Hangeseilbrucke Geierlay Bridge, Germany
  90. Breitachklamm Gorge, Germany
  91. Cologne Cathedral, Germany
  92. Cologne Hohenzollern love lock bridge, Germany
  93. Symposium Baltersweiler Road of Skulptures, Germany
  94. Saarschleife, Germany
  95. Saarbrucken Ludwig Church, Germany
  96. Pfalzgrafenstein Castle, Germany
  97. Eiserner Steg Frankfurt Love Lock Bridge, Germany
  98. Frankfurt Romerberg, Germany
  99. Frankfurt Romer, Germany
  100. Frankfurt Cathedral of St. Bartholomew, Germany

I posted no photos because well, 100+ photos are excessive for a post. Check out my facebook page and Instagram page for more photos!

100 adventures in 365 days while working full-time active duty isn't too shabby right? I prioritize my free time to go out and explore what the world has to offer. People always ask me if I work or not because it seems like I don't. Well, I wish I didn't have to work unless blogging was my primary income but guess what, I do work but rather wander than getting drunk on my weekends.


On a final note, I would like to challenge you to 26 adventures for 2016. Very reasonable number of 2 a month. Give it a shot, it'll be an experience you will never forget!