Utah, Arizona, Grand Canyon Road Trip part 1

Its 0900, my favorite orange ultra zero monster in hand, backpack ready to roll, and here I am waiting on Jd. Where the hell is he? Oh, he's late. Who would've thunk?! The man that basically got me all hyped up on mountain dew about hiking and going on these adventures. He just got back from his deployment from Jordan and the first thing he tells me when I pick him up from the airport, "Bro! Let's go on a roadtrip!" Well, you don't have to twist my arm to have a good time. I'm easy to please. So we rummaged through Roadtrippers (which I used for my Oregon Roadtrip where I will be posting about it in the near future) and put together a sweet roadtrip from northern California to southern Utah, Grand Canyon and northern Arizona. It looks like we will be picking up his sister and she's bringing a friend. Oh great, two females to slow us down. Jd and I are always on a mission and we don't like being held up by a slow herd of cattle causing traffic. How do I know this? The hike that sparked it all was last year with Jd, his sister that just got back from Japan serving a tour over there, and myself. We decided to hike mission peak which is by fremont, California. Brittany is an awesome girl and we gave her such a hard time about how slow she was and weighed us down but its ok, She can handle the heat so she's allowed in the kitchen. It's all in fun:) After hours of driving through the so exciting central Valley, (insert sarcasm here) we end up taking a detour because death Valley was farther than we expected. We found Red Rock Canyon that had cool rock formations as our first stop. Which was alright but nothing to go crazy over. As we make our way over to Las Vegas for the night, driving through the Mojave desert, it was interesting by itself. Nothing but abandoned homes, desert, extreme blistering temperatures year round, and so much emptiness. We came across Lake Dolores rock-a-hoola Waterpark that has been abandoned for over a decade. Makes me think, what was it like 50 years ago? Was the area prospering? What happened?image image