Upper and Lower Emerald Pools California


After you see one swimming hole, you have to go see another.  Searching for one of the best in California, I found that lower emerald pools in the Tahoe national forest was one of the best in northern California. It just so happens that upper emerald pools nearby. So my girlfriend and I parked, upper was one way and upper was the other way but I said I want to see the 70+ foot cliffs. We pack up our hear, grab joose, and my new Osprey backpack (which I absolutely love by the way) and off we go with no actual trail to follow so we are going to wing it, as always right? UPDATE: I forgot to mention during our descend we ran into a butt load of full beer cans that led through some sort of makeshift camp ground. We're these trail markers? I don't know but if I was an alcoholic on this hike, I'd be one happy dude drinking every beer. Until it was time to head back realizing I drank all the trail markers. Oops! The best times happen when you say "fuck it! Let's just wing it!" we hike down the boulders with my dog joose making our way down to the swimming hole and when we down there we saw a group of people who were jumping off the cliff which was really high. Definitely an adrenaline junkies paradise. It looked over 100 feet to the water but I asked one of the jumper and told me it was around 70' which is still impressive. We continue on down the river because of joose was not jumping at all. We made our way farther down and saw this beach with a guy all by himself with a fire that looked so peaceful. I was peanut butter and jelly. I parked about 100 feet down from him that was a good spot for my Grand trunk hammock with a small waterfall 20 feet away. This spot was peaceful, beautiful, and I could stay here for days if I could if I didn't have to workout daily. I get a call from my buddy Joe that was supposed to meet up but had a delay in Auburn with his friend that he was finally on his way.  We heading back to our parking spot and he pulled in with his friend and we decided to stay and take the short hike to lower emerald pools. And wow, best decision. Crystal clear waters with a rope swing. I'm in heaven! The water was extremely cold but we'll worth jumping into the swimming hole. Finally we call it a day while Joe and his friend decide to check out what he missed out on earlier and we stopped at Auburn brewery restaurant and I tell you what, their ale burger was absolutely delicious! I live for these days! Murica!