Lemkes lagoon swimming hole


Last week I got in touch with a buddy I haven't had the chance to catch up with due to his work schedule training clients. My friend Joe hits me up out of the blue and says I quit my job let's go for a hike!  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook lately I am known to go on a hike or two with a great view.  Anyways, I tell him the time and place to meet up and we drive 2 hours with my dog Joose catching up talking about our passions, goals, life issues, you know the whole nine yards. We finally park over the bridge just past Nevada city and hike roughly a mile and half-full rough terrain along the top of a gorge looking down at the Yuba River the whole time, one slip and you could possibly tumble to your death if you are not paying attention. We make it to a secluded swimming hole I read about just recently called Lemkes Lagoon which was about a half mile past Hoyt's Crossing swimming hole. (clothing optional mind you) This pool was carved out of beautiful granite from the years of erosion with cliffs to jump off of to get that adrenaline pump some of us need daily. 15 foot to 25-30 foot cliffs into a deep pool that ranges from 10-20 feet deep.  Along the edges of the pool are little "potholes" where you are able to relax and enjoy the view. Murica! Directions

Park just past the bridge.  There are multiple swimming holes along this trail.  Underneath the bridge is crowded. Hoyts Crossing is less crowded with clothing optional. You will see signs along the trail and once you pass the Hotys crossing trail, you well see Lemkes Lagoon about a quarter mile up. Look for the "bowl" along the water and you know thats it.