Saarland Germany

Saar Bow

As I’m typing this, I have an incredible view from the “Cloefe” viewpoint of the  Saar bow or Saarschliefe they like to call it. Basically, a beautiful horse bend of the Saar river. This is my first stop of exploring the state of Saarland. I thought the horseshoe bend in Bremm, Germany which i just recently blogged about was the only one in Germany. Guess I was wrong again. At the top of the hill in the middle of the bow is Montclair Castle. From my view, it looks like the perfect peaceful retreat nestled in the trees even though it’s a massive castle. Big or small, it’s still a badass retreat. It is free to encounter this viewpoint you guess what, you have to pay to park. There is a tourist shop with a cafe so stop for some delicious refreshments and then take the short 10 minute stroll to the vista.

Saar Bow 2

Big Foot Hang out

I hunted down BigFoot after a few hour drive through dirt roads. He popped out of nowhere, but we got to hang out finally. This attraction is called Road of Sculptures. 57 sculptures by 51 artists from 12 different countries covers a stretch of 25 km from St. Wendel to Lake Bostalsee. I came from Lake Bostalsee and without good data from my cell service or what to type in in GPS, this was a fiasco driving through muddy dirt roads stopping at intersections and looking back at a picture of a map I took. I would thank big guns upstairs for internet but I went nomad and holy bananas it’s hard to navigate a foreign map. Where is Google Translate when I need it?! I only took a few photos of Big foot because well, I thought it was the coolest one. It is located just outside of St. Wendel heading towards Lake Bostelsee. Click the link if you want to check out the other ones that may intrigue you.

Big Foot

Ludwig Church

When I got to the Ludwig church in Saarbrucken it was already dark but at least, there were not many people walking around so I had all the time in the world to hang out and take a few photos. Only one made it to this post. On a final and good note, I found a casino that offered blackjack and it just so happened to be in Saarbrucken. I left the casino an undisclosed amount richer. Thank you and come again!


I will have to come back and explore some more, but this is a few highlights of the state of Saarland has to offer that I liked.


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  1. Carmen Leung December 15, 2015 at 10:40 am #

    Wow looks amazing!

    • Donny December 15, 2015 at 10:43 am #

      Thanks Carmen 🙂

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